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Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Jul 17 15:38:55 EDT 2018

I'm here,but after having just had a cast taken off of my hand and arm, I'm back in the hospital having just had my Archilles tendon sewn back together! Still don't have full use of my hand. However, I never missed a gig as I found a way to hold the slide and didn't miss a note!

On Saturday, I had a silly accident at home (an electric cable wrapped around my leg and I tripped). The cabled acted like a garote! Painful, but I still played a 2 hr long gig standing that nite. No improvement in the morning, so went to emergency and they said the tendon was broken. As it was already broken, I didn't worsen the damage by playing. Our trumpeter said it was one of my best nites!

Missing 2 gigs this week, though. We have a break until end August then, and although I'll still be on crutches, I'll  be there!

Has there been any news at all about Bob Ringwald?  Always someone that is worse off than yourself. Always good to remember.  Jim

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