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I’m glad to see this message regarding LPs and CDs even though I personally won’t be going back that direction now that I have everything on my computer and Iphone. I’ve changed my opinion on this in the last 3 months and now feel that any sales of a certain song set, be it LP, CD, or download will help all of the other media. Why? Because the interest in whatever song set it is will drive the production in all media. I’ve watched both Itunes and Amazon explode in terms of their offerings and I find that I have to go back and check every once in a while for things that didn’t exist even a year ago because they might be out there now. So, go! go!! go!!!
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> On Dec 29, 2014, at 9:41 AM, Robert Ringwald <rsr at ringwald.com> wrote:
> This from another email list. But I am sure it is of interest to this list.  
> -Bob Ringwald
> Recently, I read where Japan still has about eleven Tower Records locations and they
> are doing well. Apparently, the Japanese still love the CD. To the best of my knowledge,
> there are no Tower Records stores in the USA. On a recent visit to the Boston Back
> Bay Newbury Comics I was shocked to see that about half or a third of the store's
> primary inventory was vinyl LPs. And Barnes & Noble now has an LP section. The associate
> I spoke with there said that they are selling a considerable amount of vinyl. I also
> read somewhere recently that LP sales this year have had double digit increases from
> previous recent years. I find this very surprising.
> I was just wondering if there is a reliable catalog (softcover book or on-line listing)
> for available CD and LP product. Fond memories of the Schwann Catalog come to my
> mind. How strange to see new LP pressings of vintage albums in stores today. Does
> this mean that there could be a possible revival of the long dormant Columbia and
> Capitol Record Clubs (on-line, of course)? What a strange retail music situation.
> Or have I just lived too long?
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> -Bob Ringwald
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