[Dixielandjazz] FW: Developing youthful interest in OKOM

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Wed Dec 10 03:26:51 PST 2014

Jimmy Green wrote:  
>Boy! Have you guys got your head buried in the instrumental musician's

Hi, Jimmy.  I can think of friendlier ways of starting out your post, but
nevertheless, your message did make sense.  However, the interest the
musicians that have been posting on this subject is not a worthless effort.
Both avenues are valid, yours & theirs.

I believe strongly in music appreciation being taught, and actually did that
for a number of years while two of my kids were in an expensive
international school here in Madrid.  I went in one day a week, and thereby
covered my kids fees!  

At the time I had hair down to where my bra strap would be, if I had worn
one!  I had a lot of facial hair, also, and was playing with Spain's hottest
rock idol at the time...tv shows, recordings & live big arena shows.  The
head of the school wanted someone the kids might listen to, and it worked
out well for a good 7 years!  

We talked about & listened to music of all kinds, although I was probably a
bit heavy on the jazz side.   :>  I still run into former students during my
gigs in Madrid today.  I always know 'cause they are the only people that
call me "Meesterrr Kaseeseean" (Spaniards that went to an Engish speaking
school!).  Most tell me that I was their favorite teacher, maybe because I
wasn't a teacher at all.  :>

One student later became the "Goddess" of Spanish Punk Rock. I don't fully
understand my influence there, if I had any at all!  Our wind section from
my band backed her on one of her albums, which is kinda funny...a jazz band
on a punk album.

Anyway, being able to recognize the various sounds of instruments & name the
instruments you hear is something that comes with being taught to listen,
not just hear.  And, this is a valid way of better enjoying whatever type of
music you are listening to.  And, as you say, understanding a bit about
rhythms and melodies, song structures, etc., is helpful.

Jimmy continued, writing:
>But, more than trying to build a jazz band in every garage, concentrate on
building audiences.

Why say "but, more than...", it would be more helpful to offer the
suggestion of building audiences, etc., as an added effort.

Building audiences has to do with first entertaining the audience.  If that
means parading around the room with them, whatever it takes, do it.  Then
you slip in a great song like Duke's "The Mooche" & they've been entertained
AND educated!

End of sermon,

Jim Kashishian

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