[Dixielandjazz] In search of a non-tragic jazz hero

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym at teledyn.com
Tue Dec 9 18:44:32 PST 2014

thanks for all the tips; I may now have a few ideas to do a few more
years of shows and I will be hunting up that Creole Trombone book (esp
since Ory is our trombonist's fave too)

my hope and *dream* is to attract enough kids who will take music
seriously enough to (a) get an instrument (b) practice and (c) nag
their parents sufficient to let them join our band that I can count on
them to be at every show ( 'c' is a surprisingly difficult step) so I
can put together even a 3214 lineup that would be the *minimum*
hot-jazz swing band a la Lunceford or Goodman or Dorsey etc -- I have
heaps of charts for such an ensemble, my trouble is the mrs has
declared a moratorium on us having more kids of our own (which is fair
since we're both well over 50) and other folks kids have progressively
more trouble with parts a b and then c :(

but I keep hoping!

On 12/9/14, Charles Suhor <csuhor at zebra.net> wrote:
> Going back to your criteria below, it seems that you're looking to get
> (a) the most educational mileage (vis a vis the history of jazz)
> (b) a good story (some drama in it) that
> (c) doesn't have basic negativity or a bad role model (alcoholism),
> (d) with accessible charts for the live band to play as "illustrations."
> Louis was perfect for this, but a lot of great players don't fill the bill
> well for one or more of the criteria. As an educator, I'd be focused on (a)
> as a starting point. Since you've done Louis, maybe swing era figures like
> the Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller, Goodman, or Duke Ellington would meet all
> the standards. An interesting question--thanks for posting.
> Charlie
> On Dec 9, 2014, at 2:24 PM, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
>> just to be clear, we're not *telling* them about jazz music, we
>> *demonstrate* the music by playing it for them -- it is a musical
>> show, so what we need to do is to bring together 15 or so tunes that
>> can be strung together to tell the story.
>> would be very hard to do a Bria Skolberg with myself cast in the lead
>> role -- even youngsters can only suspend belief so far before it snaps
>> ;)
>> The Dorsey Brothers or even to build a show around Nat Shilkret or
>> Goldman's band is maybe a workable idea, it binds together what was
>> happening in the pre-war Chicago that is then channelled into the
>> swing era by the youngsters in the band!

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