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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon May 7 15:43:52 PDT 2012

Shaw, Tim wrote [in part]:
> And how could you ignore King Oliver's Creole Jazz band (the greatest of all) - and their white counterparts New Orleans Rhthym Kings -  both recorded in the early 20s (in Chicago, but they were NO bands).

Dear Tim,
Sorry, but after intense listening during my formative jazz years in the 40s-50s in Melbourne with my one jazz eyed mates, and owning all the records made in New Orleans in the 20s, I came to the conclusion way back then that King Oliver and his cohorts in Chicago were the melting pot for what I call 'Chicago Jazz'. 
I note that lately musicologists appear to agree with a belief we formulated all those years ago. 
Unless I am misreading people like Thomas Brothers, Lawrence Gushee, etc.
Youngsters, with more musicology degrees than I can poke a stick at.
Oliver (who left New Orleans in 1919 and never returned), Keppard, Dodds, Noone, Louis et al took 'the sound' out of New Orleans to Chicago and beyond, embellished it, influenced the young white Austin High School gang and friends, passed it on to New York and...
The recorded music of South Side Chicago in the 1920s owes more to these expats that it does to those who stayed home in NOLA.
Just a thought.
Very kind regards,

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