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Jim & DJML--
    Well, i guess our paths may have crossed here in Austin somewhere, sometime.
    I was never in the Longhorn Band, but i have been playing tuba in Austin since the mid-1970s.  I did play in a brass quintet around 1975 supervised by Steve Bryant (co-ordinator of TubaChristmas here), and recently i met Vince Dinino and loaned him my baritone horn to honk away at in a polka band i play in.  In 1979 i got my worthless Ph.D. in music theory at UT, but i didn't spend much time at Music Building East, but in Wooldridge Hall, which has now fortunately been demolished.
    I do know a fair number of people, however, who did play in the Longhorn Band, and have been in the Alumni Band for decades, such as Chuck Ellis and Jim Schwobel.  A goodly number of them also played in the Wurst Band at Scholz's.
    About 2001 some friends and i in the computer-programming racket (which i did at UT for decades, since i couldn't get a job teaching music theory) started playing dixieland in a band, but i had been playing tuba to dixieland-recordings since the 1950s, just never with a band.  Took me a while to be able to play from lead-sheets, but i already knew most of the tunes.  For the past, um, 6-8 years now i've been playing tuba in a couple of professional dixieland bands in the Austin area for money (well, you know . . ., not much money), and it's a lot of fun, especially after i retired.
    Had a great time playing in a kind of adult-novice dixieland band back in 2004 at John Bradshaw's church in San Antonio with some folks who met at a San Diego dixieland-camp, including Jay Rice, George Harbaugh, Tom Duncan, Vicki Cox, Jack May, Jim Goodwin, and Meg Graf.  They didn't have a tuba player, and Meg didn't want to fly her bass-sax (named Big George) down to San Antonio at the mercy of the baggage-handlers, so i played, and we had a ball.
    So, the upshot is: keep at it (playing tuba in dixieland).  It's fun and gradually you'll learn the tunes and how to play different styles and with different levels of players.  Hope to see you (maybe at Sacramento) one of these years if i ever get back to California for festivals like Rae Ann keeps reminding me i need to do.

    Dan Augustine
On Dec 12, 2012, at 10:53 AM, Jim Allen wrote:

I don't know.  As a member of the University of Texas Longhorn Band in my college days, I have played "The Eyes of Texas" countless times, probably in the thousands of times, and exactly the same notes, and participating all these years in the Longhorn Alumni Band, countless more.  It's been nearly 50 years.  We never get tired of it, or bored.  Of course, it is not just a song, but a way of life.

Maybe that's the ticket!

Boredoom?  "The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity!"  Dorothy Parker


Jim Allen
Coronado, CA
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I am not a musician, Jim.
Neverteless, my listening experience is that mpst bands repeat the
same notes again and again.  Only occasionally they differ.  And the
trad audiences request St. Lous Blues, Sweet Georgia Brown, etc., ad
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