[Dixielandjazz] Jamming in Paris and in São Paulo

Tito Martino titomartino at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 22:10:11 PDT 2011

Hi Listmates

I want to share with you:  I had the great pleasure of playing my clarinet
in Paris
with the extraordinary female trombonist Gunhild Carling & Family, from
For me it was a great experience enjoying the elegant courtesy and
kindness of all the family, always in a good mood.
Here is a link to Royal Garden Blues - note the people dancing madly,
as it should be !  ( Jim Kashishian knows how to make people dance !...)


To see the famous Caveau where played the most celebrated american
jazzmen, Bechet included, and L.Hampton, Bill Coleman, Art Blakey etc.
that's the link:


it's in French, with pics, with a link to English without pics.

And last tuesday here in São Paulo the Tito Martino Jazz Band had the great
John Pizzarelli
as our invited, to play all our Show with us, at Teatro Eva Herz packed to
the walls.
It was great !  If you want to see some pics, here is the link :


That's how I keep swinging and spreading joy ...
south of the border, in the Brazilian way...

cheers and beers

Tito Martino Jazz Band
titomartino at gmail.com

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