[Dixielandjazz] Bus Moten (was Moten's Blues)

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 21 15:52:30 PST 2011

Dear Mike,
Further to my comments regarding Bus Moten.
Herewith a link to his recording of "Baby You Messed Up". (Refer *below.)
Click on the album pic, the play button, then 'play full song'.
If you leave the link connected, it loads another Bus Moten song.
What a great idea.
And unusual for an internet site, very generous. Although you have to buy the mp3 version.
But wait. There's more!
Bus Moten and His Men recorded for Capitol in the 1940s and a selection can be heard on 'Kansas City Blues 1944-49' (Capitol Blues Collection series), a 3CD set released in 1997 which includes:
	• When You Want Chili  
	• It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile  
	• You'll Wind Up On Top  
	• On The Gravy Train  
	• I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll  
	• Sugar Daddy Blues  
	• Gone  
	• Gotta Good Reason For Being Bad  
	• Turn It Over  
	• That Did It  
	• Best Friend Blues  
	• Baby You Messed Up 
This appears to be his band's complete recordings. 
Long deleted, but it looks like Amazon may have copies.	

So far as personnel details are concerned, this is the best I can offer:
Bus Moten and His Men.
Richard Smith (t) Ben Webster (ts) Bus Moten (p,org,vcl) Johnny Rogers (g) Lloyd Anderson (b) Jesse Price (d). 
Kansas City. 31 October 1949
     Sugar Daddy Blues     
     Turn It Over         
     That Did It         
     Best Friend Blues     
     Baby You Messed Up *    
The last 4 titles are on the French Classics chronological series, CD 1253 - 'Ben Webster 1946-51'.
Kind regards,

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