[Dixielandjazz] Adding youthful Members

Beth Schweitzer beth at portafortuna.com
Tue May 25 12:14:59 PDT 2010

Hi Bill,

I agree that we need to attract more young people, but I think the real
problem is in attracting a younger audience - not younger musicians. I
see lots of great youth jazz bands at our club concerts and other venues
(the The Capital Focus Trad Jazz Band came to St. Louis from the Potomac
River Jazz Club last week and can be found on the Internet at:
http://www.prjc.org/cfjb/). And there are so many great young groups and
soloists popping up at festivals all over. It's really wonderful to see

But I see very few young people attending the concerts and festivals,
even the ones where we have youth bands. That's where we need to put our
heads together. How do we get young people interested in listening to
OKOM? What can we do to make it "cool" or "hot" or whatever temperature
is in style today? Without an audience, does it matter if we have the


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What if the various club presidents all went to a "summit meeting" and 
agreed to do the following:

Form a youth band from the membership of the attendees at Sacramento's 
Summer Youth Jazz Camp and promise to have them as the hired guest band 
at the various jazz clubs twice in the ensuing year.


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