[Dixielandjazz] October 21 Birthdays

Allan Brown allanbrown at dsl.pipex.com
Tue May 11 08:46:56 PDT 2010

Thanks Steve,

A quick scan through the list confirms my suspicions. What a bunch of losers! 

Steve, while I have your attention could I run a quick question by you. I bought an Buffet E11 clarinet a few months ago which is a real step up from what I was using previously. It came with a leather ligature and I think a Vandoren 5V mouthpiece. I'm pretty much a complete novice on the clarinet so I'm working in the dark here, but I seem to squeeking an awful lot on this set up. I did return to the metal ligature for a while, but it went with my old clarinet which I sold a couple of weeks ago I've been forced to use the leather one again. My on-line researches reveal they get a good write up from most so I figure it's probably just down to me adjusting to both a new mouthpiece, clarinet and ligature all at once. 

I've got my first public performance this Sunday and I'm getting concerned that the only creatures who'll enjoy my piece will be mice, or perhaps bats. Do you have any thoughts on the leather ligature issue? My best short term solution is just to play the piece a lot slower than I'd like. That eliminates the worst of it. 


Allan Brown

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