[Dixielandjazz] October 21 Birthdays

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue May 11 14:06:05 PDT 2010

On May 11, 2010, at 11:46 AM, Allan Brown wrote:

> Thanks Steve,
> A quick scan through the list confirms my suspicions. What a bunch  
> of losers!
> Steve, while I have your attention could I run a quick question by  
> you. I bought an Buffet E11 clarinet a few months ago which is a  
> real step up from what I was using previously. It came with a  
> leather ligature and I think a Vandoren 5V mouthpiece. I'm pretty  
> much a complete novice on the clarinet so I'm working in the dark  
> here, but I seem to squeeking an awful lot on this set up. I did  
> return to the metal ligature for a while, but it went with my old  
> clarinet which I sold a couple of weeks ago I've been forced to use  
> the leather one again. My on-line researches reveal they get a good  
> write up from most so I figure it's probably just down to me  
> adjusting to both a new mouthpiece, clarinet and ligature all at once.
> I've got my first public performance this Sunday and I'm getting  
> concerned that the only creatures who'll enjoy my piece will be  
> mice, or perhaps bats. Do you have any thoughts on the leather  
> ligature issue? My best short term solution is just to play the  
> piece a lot slower than I'd like. That eliminates the worst of it.
> Best,
> Allan Brown

You are welcome Allan.

The squeaks may come from air leaks in the clarinet. Whenever I start  
to get squeaks, I generally always trace them to a worn pad, or other  
air leak source.

Also, if the Buffet fingering is tight (not much room between keys)  
you may inadvertently be hitting 2 keys at once generating a leak.

That started happening to me on my trusty Buffet about 15 years ago as  
my fingers were thickening with age. I ended up buying a Selmer 10G  
which has a wide bore and a wide outside diameter. It is more  
comfortable for my thick fingers.

I can no longer play any Buffet I have tried recently.  I end up  
hitting 2 keys at once and get squeaks on them.

So I now use two Selmers. The 10G as the main horn and an older wide  
bore Series 9 as a backup.

It may be the mouthpiece, but probably not the ligature. If the  
mouthpiece gives you a lot of resistance, try changing it.


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