[Dixielandjazz] In search of info re Joe Gumin, drummer

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Wed Jun 30 07:44:19 PDT 2010


From: Norman Vickers, Jazz Society of Pensacola

Copy:  Fred Gumina (fgumina1 at att.net)      


Here is an inquiry from Fred Gumina son of a Dixieland drummer who performed
as Joe Gumin.  Mr. Gumina is trying to reconstruct details of his father's
musical career.  Any help from our jazz scholars/researchers would be
helpful.  Please copy Mr. Gumina on your responses. See his address in the
heading.  He also plans to make inquiry of Rutgers and Tulane Jazz Archives.





Mr. Fred Gumina wrote:  

My Dad, Joe Gumin had a 2-beat Dixieland band from the 50's through the
60's. Decca Dixieland Jazzbake and some singles.

It was great real Dixieland in the likes of his friends Muggsy Spanier, Miff
Mole, Wild Bill Davison(who played with him early before moving to the big

Don Gumpert was a great cornet man who played for about 4 months with my
Dad, Jan - April of 1956 at the John Ringling North Hotel in Sarasota. 

I was there with my Mom and sister for the month of March.


My father was a drummer who immigrated from Sicily as a 12-13 year old in
1913. He became a very well known orchestra leader and played with Joe
Brown(I thnk it was) and for Texas Guinan, way back. He recorded at the
original Paramount Records which was in Grafton, WI and became and is a
shrine for Blues Records collectors. They, the community has taken a hold of
that heritage and has a Plaza, Walk of fame, tours.

My Dad used to have many many stories about his experiences, travel(although
limited) etc. Many of his records, no drums, they couldn't 'record' them in
the early days.

His claim became many releases of Jingle Bells in several languages. You
couldn't listen to radio anywhere in WI and some surrounding areas without
hearing it, several time a day from the 30's through the early 70's.







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