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I have no idea how these good folk obtained my e-mail address, but I thought
that the information contained herein might be of some Iinterest to those of
you who are in close proximity to the Garden State.

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  The summer has barely started, thus there is so much great jazz ahead.
Read this edition carefully and mark your calendars.  This looks like a
great year for a "staycation."

Although this is our "July Edition," we'd like to remind you that *
boogiemeister* *Bob Seeley* will be at the Bickford's  Kawai grand on Monday
evening, June 28.  He's considered the world's greatest boogie woogie
player, and gets high marks for stride and blues too.  Always
entertaining... whenever we can pry him out of Detroit.  Tickets still
available as this is being sent.


Morristown's Bickford Theatre (attached to the landmark Morris Museum) has
an intensive program over the warm weather months, with a concert nearly
every week.

Monday, July 12 (Bickford) -- That enchanting vocal trio returns.  *String
of Pearls* will remind you of the Boswell, McGuire or Andrews Sisters, but
their repertoire is much broader, even touching some Mills Brothers (!)
material and several solo moments.  Backed by their very professional combo,
they received ovations at their first visit last year.  This is the perfect
room for them, too.  Their unique style, incorporating both harmonies and
“vocalese” is, according to legendary jazz singer Jon Hendricks,
“breathtaking in its beauty, startling in its simplicity and overpowering in
its swing.”  *Sue Halloran*, *Jeanne O’Connor* and *Holli Ross* have won
accolades individually and as a team.

Monday, July 19 (Bickford) -- The Bickford sought out a date when the stage
was clear of scenery so risers could be erected for the *Jazz Lobsters*,
acclaimed as the best Big Band operating in this area by people who follow
this music closely.  You may remember them from the NJJS JazzFest.  Their
"book" has grown since then, with lots of new swing charts: Basie, Goodman,
Ellington, Shaw, Miller, Dorsey... even Benny Moten.  Alas, no room for
dancing here.  Fully 18 experienced musicians on the stage, though!

 Monday, July 26 (Bickford) -- Drummer *Kevin Dorn's* new group, *The Big 72
*, is similar to his previous Traditional Jazz Collective, which excited
audiences here in the past, and at The NJJS Stomp this year.  He draws from
a stable of seasoned players, which includes *Charlie Caranicas* (trumpet),
*Mike Hashim *(soprano and alto sax), *Pete Martinez* (Albert clarinet), *Jesse
Gelber* (hot piano), *J. Walter Hawkes* (trombone) and *Doug
Largent*(string bass).  “If you’ve been lucky enough to hear Kevin
Dorn with his own
band,” writes Michael Steinman of *Cadence*, “you’ve witnessed some rare

Monday, August 2 (Bickford) -- World renown stride piano player *Neville
Dickie* returns from London.  Punishingly fast and powerful, yet melodic and
entertaining.  Fans feel some sympathy for the piano!  “He has a left hand
which, for sheer speed and total accuracy, will take your breath away."
Seemingly relaxed, he makes it all look easy.

TUESDAY, August 3 (Bickford) -- The enormously popular *Paris Washboard* is
back, after missing a visit last year.  The Bickford has an East Coast
exclusive!  *Jeff Barnhart* is their guest on piano, plus *Daniel
*Alain Marquet* (clarinet) and *Stéphane Séva* playing exciting percussion.
Your alternative is to hear them (with Louis Mazetier) at the Orange County
Classic Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa, CA.  Fans will be traveling down from
Connecticut, where this band drew huge crowds in the past.  They've won
nearly every European award possible, and are popular players as individuals
with other bands too.

Monday, August 9 (Bickford) -- Guitarist *Chuck Anderson* brings his trio
here for the first time.  He offers a broad range of musical selections,
from swing through "audience friendly, progressive jazz guitar."  Writes
another musician: “Guitarist/composer Chuck Anderson has the ability to turn
notes into poetry."

Monday, August 16 (Bickford) -- Ragtime raconteur *Bob Milne* plays several
styles with a powerful left hand: ragtime, stride and boogie woogie.  His
delightful stories and historical asides are as popular with fans as his
piano expertise.  Averaging about 250 gigs a year gives him ample
opportunity to polish his skills, and he can actually play for days at a
time without repeating any tunes.

Monday, August 23 (Bickford) -- Clarinetist *Dan Levinson* leads his *Palomar
Quartet*, a perennial favorite playing hot, small group Benny Goodman hits.
*Matt Hoffmann* is the *wunderkind* of vibes, plus *Mark Shane* at the piano
and *Kevin Dorn* behind the drum set.  *Molly Ryan *sings with them too.
Dan Levinson has led sellouts featuring Benny’s material here in Morristown,
but also in Bridgewater, Manhattan and Europe.  For this performance he's
expanded the "quartet" to seven pieces, adding talented young
clarinetists *Aaron
Johnson* and *Pete Anderson*, making this a triple treat since they play the
famous Goodman parts in three part harmony.  A very different Goodman
tribute, even if you think you've heard it all!


Wednesday, July 14 (OCC/Library) -- *Dan Levinson’s *new Gypsy Jazz group *Fête
Manouch *visits for the first time, in celebration of Django Reinhardt's
centennial.  Get string fever with this hot quintet.  Dan spent time in
Europe immersed in this music, the only original jazz style of European
origin.  He is ably assisted in this enterprise by *Tom Landman* and *Koran
Hasanagic*, deeply committed Djangophiles playing rapidfire guitars in the
true French fashion.  *Molly Ryan* adds a third guitar and sings in some
numbers as well.   *Cassidy Holden* supports them skillfully on the upright
string bass.

Wednesday, August 18 (OCC/Library) -- Pianist *Bob Milne*, playing ragtime,
stride and boogie woogie in the round.  You can be up close and personal
with the player, his music and the delightful stories he tells.  He’s been
designated a National Treasure by the Library of Congress and is often
referred to as a Musical Ambassador as well.  A rare visit to this area.

Call (732) 255-0500 to secure your advance tickets and get discounts too.


Sunday, August 22  -- A jazz cruise can set you back thousands, but if you
confine yourself to one all-star band for one afternoon on the water, you
can get away parting with only $89 per person.  And that includes food and
drink!  *Riverboat Swing 2010* gives you an afternoon on Barnegat Bay aboard
the River Queen sternwheeler.  The band you'll hear includes *Ed
*Joe Midiri* (reeds), *Mark Shane* (piano), *Paul Midiri* (trombone, vibes),
*Frank Tate* (bass) and *Joe Ascione* (drums), with *Judy Kurtz* singing
with the band.  Send checks to Charles Krug, PO Box 138, Normandy Beach, NJ
08739.  Email your questions to chick at cdksys.com, or call him at (908)
852-2926 now, or (732) 830-3496 after June 15.

Saturday, September 11 (Princeton) -- Ed Polcer has taken over the
programming of the Jazz Feast for the merchants of Palmer Square in
Princeton.  It has been a free event for a decade or more under the
direction of Jack Stine, and Ed seems to be running things in the same
spirit.  The formula is to book five diverse jazz bands to play in the open
air of Palmer Square, with the better restaurants setting up booths to sell
samples of their wares.  A taste of Princeton, so to speak, with jazz heard
clearly in the background.  Seating provided, but lawn chairs are welcome.

Music runs from noon to 6 PM, with each band playing a one hour set.
Featured this year, in this order, are: *Princeton University Jazztet*, *Alan
Dale's New Legacy Jazz Band*, *Nicki Parrott and Friends* (with *Rossano
Sportiello*, *Bucky Pizzarelli*, *Harry Allen*), *The Fins* and *Vince
Giordano's Nighthawks*.  On-street and garage parking available, and of
course plenty of outstanding food.  Come hungry!


*The Bickford Theatre/Morris Museum:* On Columbia Turnpike/Road (County Road
510) at the corner of Normandy Heights Road, east of downtown Morristown.
Near Interstate 287 and the Route 24 expressway.  This is a 300-seat hall
with generous parking on site.  Wheelchair access.  Weeknight concerts are
one long set (8 to 9:30 PM).  Tickets are generally $15 in advance, but $18
at the door.  Tickets may be purchased via credit card over the phone by
calling the box office at (973) 971-3706.  The box office can also provide
information, directions or a simple "jazz map."

*New Jersey Jazz Society:*  Multi-band concerts and festivals are held at
various locations several times each year.  Information is available by
calling (800) 303-NJJS.  Tickets may be purchased at the gate (higher prices
generally) or by mail with SASE.  Checks payable to NJJS.  Membership is
inexpensive, and gets you significant event discounts plus the acclaimed
Jersey Jazz monthly magazine.  Membership information and ticket orders:

*Ocean County College:  *Midweek Jazz concerts are held on Wednesday
evenings (normally at their comfortable Fine Arts Center).  Concerts begin
at 8 PM and run as one extended set until about 9:30 PM.  Tickets are $13 in
advance, but $15 at the door.  Call their Box Office at (732) 255-0500 for
information, credit card purchases (no fee) or driving directions, which are
also available from their web site: www.ocean.edu.

In recent months, MidWeek Jazz has moved to a temporary home at the Ocean
County Library in Toms River while their building is renovated.  The OCC Box
Office will continue to sell the tickets, and has easy driving instructions
to the Library, just 4 miles from the OCC campus and less than a mile from
Parkway exit 81, either direction.  The Library's street address is 101
Washington Street, 08753 if you are using a navigator, but the Library
itself does not sell the concert tickets.

*The American Rag*, a monthly publication with "news you can use" about
traditional jazz and ragtime, should be on your subscription list.  Learn
about it at www.americanrag.com.  Nationwide festival news.

an e-mail at Jazzevents at aol.com if you wish to unsubscribe.  Make it clear
you are not signing up again!  Please also let us know of changes of e-mail
address.  There is no forwarding service, so we lose you when you move.

Listings are available on the Internet, too.  Consult the NJJS web site at
www.njjs.org 24 hours a day.

Thank you for supporting live jazz!*

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