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Martha, Helvetia and Connie, changed to Connee in 1940....

Back to work....  K.C. Clarinet

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Why do you take me seriously?  I'm sure nobody else does.  I think two
f the Boswells were Eve and Connie but can't remember the third.
Wait a few minutes and somebody will surely come up with it.
Back in the late 80s, a rich apartment owner in Houston named Harold Farb
pened a niteclub called the Carlyle.  Whether he hamed it after Bobby
hort's old stomping grounds, I do not know.
Harold fancied himself quite the singer and was noted for getting up and
oing a few numbers as local social events.  He also idolized Al Jolson.
The joke around town was that he only opened the place so he'd have a place
o sing and nobody could tell him not to.
In any case, during the short time the place was in operation, he booked,
not necessarily in that order)
atty Andrews, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Kay Starr.
When it was shuttered I thought "How sad, and Harold didn't even get the
hance to book Julius LaRosa"

n 6/25/10, Bob Smith <robert.smith at tele2.no> wrote:

 Sorry, Harry, you're not very warm at all. Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne were
 the Andrews Sisters. As far as I know the only surviving member is Patty at
 the ripe old age of 92.

 Kind Regards

 Bob Smith

lcohol is necessary for a man so that now and then he can have a good
f himself, undisturbed by the facts
            - Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936)
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