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Thu Jun 24 07:13:53 PDT 2010

Ha!  For what it is worth, I am probably one of the few on the list who has 
done a gig in both Blue Ball and in Intercourse.  Unfortunately, it wasn't 
OKOM or even music, it was Punch and Judy. (I used to busk with puppets, 
when best wife and I were a hell of a lot younger).

I did do multiple shows in both burgs and had good audiences.  It was the 
kind of thing that appealed to both the locals and the tourists.


Martin D. McKay, Designated Listener (and Punch!)
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>> Speaking of Pennsylvania towns, have you ever played a gig in 
>> Intercourse?
>> While I'm not really up on my PA. geography, if memory serves me 
>> correctly, it is in somewhat close proximity of Blue Ball.
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