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Speaking of Pennsylvania towns, have you ever played a gig in Intercourse?

While I'm not really up on my PA. geography, if memory serves me correctly,
it is in somewhat close proximity of Blue Ball.


On 6/23/10, Stephen G Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2010, at 10:26 PM, dixielandjazz-request at ml.islandnet.comwrote:
> Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au>
>> W1AB at aol.com asked:
>>>  Has anyone ever played a gig in  Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania?
>> Dear Al,
>> Our mate Steve Barbone has.
>> If I interpreted his 23rd June email correctly.
>> Although, he only mentioned Laurendale and Reading.
>> A quick Google seems to indicate Muhlenberg has the same zip code.
>> Kind regards,
> Dear Bill & Al.
> I've done gigs at 2 Muhlenbergs in Pennsylvania. Township and College.
> Reading is a city. Laureldale is a town. Muhlenberg is a township. Our gig,
> Thursday night, is at Muhlenberg High School, located in Laureldale, one of
> the small towns located within the limits of Muhlenberg Township. The post
> office that controls the mail for Laureldale and Muhlenberg township, is
> Reading, which controls zip codes from 19601 to 19612, + 19640.
> Yes, we have played several gigs over the past few years in Muhlenberg
> Township,  They are produced by the township Parks & Recreation Department.
> We've played in Temple PA and Laureldale PA which are small towns within
> that township. At the High School and the Middle School which are a part of
> the Muhlenberg School District.
> Postal Districts usually include several towns, and townships. For example,
> my snail mail comes to Oxford PA, 19363, even though I do not live in the
> Borough (town) of Oxford. I live in Lower Oxford Township, a rural township
> near Oxford, not enough residents to have its own post office, Several other
> rural townships nearby are also a part of the Oxford Postal District. Before
> the advent of zip codes, delivery to these townships was identified by RD 1,
> RD 2, etc. which stood for Rural Delivery Routes.
> Many townships in Southeast PA and New Jersey have Parks & Recreation
> Departments which provide free, or low cost summer concerts for their
> residents. Part of my marketing program is to contact those within 60 miles
> of my house if they have more than 15,000 residents. Have gotten hundreds of
> gigs this way over the past 15 years. Muhlenberg has about 16,000 residents.
> The West Goshen Gig this Sunday is another township gig. It is in the West
> Chester PA postal district.
> About 52 years ago I did a gig at Muhlenberg College which is located in
> Allentown PA, about 35 miles from Muhlenberg Township, and named after Henry
> Melchoir Muhlenberg who was the father of the Lutheran Church in the
> American Colonies, having come to Philadelphia from Germany as a missionary
> in the 1740s.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> www.myspace.com/barbonestreetjazzband
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