[Dixielandjazz] Folk melody with many lyrics and a bit of jazz content

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Al B  came up with "Can I: Sleep in Your Barn, Tonight Mister"

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Um8za5G14) )  

I grew up in Tennessee, where the song  was often played, and my 
recollection is that it was a slower song of  lament.  This YouTube version is more of 
a jig.

Reminds  me--I think it was Willie Nelson who sang it as--

"Can I Sleep in Your  Arms Tonight Lady"
    Although I'm a Willie fan, I had  forgotten that; thanks for the 
reminder.  It's on his well-known  "Red-Headed Stranger" album.
    To add some traditional jazz content  ... my old band, Southern Com
fort, used to play and sing a Willie song, "Won't  You Ride in My Little Red 
Wagon."  It's a good jazz tune.
    Some more jazz content:  You can  play "Can You Sleep in My Barn 
Tonight, Mister, in the Red River Valley, while I  Walk through the Streets of the 
City" right on top of the chord instruments  playing "The Saints."  No one 
will notice....
                                                                    Al B

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