[Dixielandjazz] FW: Louis Armstrong Quotes was solos

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Wed Jun 16 11:55:56 PDT 2010

Perhaps not all listees received the  e-mail that I did when I joined the 
list (see below).
    I haven't been on the list very long,  but I have noted a lot of 
terribly unfriendly and downright obnoxious things  said.  Furthermore, I note 
that some listees will misquote a post and then  flame in rebuttal to the 
misquote that they manufactured.
    Life is too short to be nasty to  others.  Of course, you might live 
long enough -- and get smart enough in  your later years -- to regret some of 
the things you have said to  others.
Al B
"Have I reached the person to whom I am  speaking?"
                    -- Lily Tomlin (as Geraldine, the telephone operator)
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