[Dixielandjazz] The rushing thing

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Hi all,
I happen to know about the Everly Bros episode, 'cause it happened at the 
Good Time Theatre at Knott's Berry Farm in L.A.
The lady who ran the operation told me the story that one of the brothers - 
I can't remember which - used to drink a whole lot.  Well, one night at the 
theatre he showed up smashed and the other brother finally got so upset, he 
smashed his guitar onstage and walked off!!  They didn't speak for years... 
I was working at the time with Spike Jones Jr., but that's a whole different 
ALL the Best,

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> Incidentally, I read just a year or so ago that there was an episode 
> similar
> to that of the Dorsey Brothers some years back between the Everly 
> Brothers.
> I don't know whether it was Don or Phil that did the walking but the other
> was left onstage to finish a concert perfomance solo
> (or did I mention that already; is this, as Yogi Berra once said, Deja Vu
> all over again?).
> HC

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