[Dixielandjazz] Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

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Thu Jun 10 07:30:10 PDT 2010

Hello Stan,
It sounds as though you may have answered the question about the story  
behind the tune title to your own satisfaction, but I'm still left with the  
question.  I have no access to the lyrics in either French or English, did  
not know there were lyrics.  I'll see if I can locate the sheet  music.  
Thanks for the lead.
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stanmm at comcast.net writes:

Hello, Julie, whoever you are, 
I don't spend much time on DJML, but I was moved by your  submission. Of 
course the literal translation is "If You See My Mother." I  have the sheet 
music and lyrics in French, which seem to answer your question.  This 
beautiful song has also been loosely translated as "I Remember When," and  for those 
unaccustomed to the French, I used that as the title of one of my  band's 
CD's. I think my version of it on soprano compares favorably --  even with 
Sidney's, to whom I have payed homage for fifty years --  but would appreciate 
your opinion. It is not challenging technically,  but getting that feeling 
is not easy -- unless you have lived  it. And even then, it hurts. N'est-ce 
You can see my album at _www.bluehorizonjazzband.com_ 
(http://www.bluehorizonjazzband.com/) ,  but we did not include it as one of the brief sound 
If, on the strength of your impressions of the others,  you think this 
version would meet your satisfaction, please order it. If  in doubt, just let me 
know, and I'll send it to you gratis. 
Regards, Stan  McDonald

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