[Dixielandjazz] Intermittent video

Stan Brager sbrager at verizon.net
Mon Jun 7 08:06:09 PDT 2010

While there are many reasons why a video plays intermittently, here is a
solution which works in every case:

When you click on the video and it starts to play, you'll notice a pointer
which tracks where you are in the video. To the left of the pointer is a
somewhat dark line. To the right of the pointer is a line which is a bit
lighter in color. This lighter in color tracks how much of the video has
been downloaded to your computer. When the dark line catches up to the
lighter line, the playing stops for a short time.

To resolve the intermittent problem, click on the pause button to allow the
internet to download a considerable amount of the video. Now, press the play
button and enjoy!

Stan Brager

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> For  those of you who have a problem with some clips starting and
> stopping
> please  read below and pass this on.
> Thanks Bill, I'll try it. It's been a problem for me since I  switched
> to
> the Verizon Notebook. A small little laptop that can go anywhere and
> get on
> the Internet. Although it has more memory and space then some of the
> others
> I have used over the years, it is smaller than most out there now. It
> does
> tend to stop and start and when listening to OKOM of course, it can be
> really irritating.
> Jazz Hugs
> Judie

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