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OK, I've  stayed out of this just too long! 
    And I've been wondering why people  single out Woody.  I have heard 
lots of traditional jazz bands on the  circuit that have bad musicians, and no 
one seems to mind about their being in  the act.  I will not mention any 
names, lest I raise someone's hackles, but  here's an example:
    My band was playing at a jazz festival  one time, and a well-known New 
Orleans style band was also there.  I  noticed that the clarinet player (and 
band leader) had to have help getting his  clarinet in tune; he couldn't 
hear if it was in tune or not.  Not that it  mattered much, because he blew 
the notes all over the place -- some sharp, some  flat, and some on pitch.  
About 30-30-30.  The other 10% were wrong  notes.  (I am not exaggerating.)
    Yet no one complained about him.   He was held in high regard and was 
well received by the fans in  attendance.
    So what is it with complaining about  Woody, when there are so many 
other musicians out there of similar  limitations?  If someone can explain that 
to me, I would be pleased to know  the answer.
                                                                    Al B

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