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I know  that a number listmates have had experience with this.  We'd 
appreciate a  "consumer reports" type evaluation to advise us in our purchasing  
Hi, Norman,
    About eight years ago I bought a Sony  CD recorder that has served me 
well in transferring my old vinyl records to  CD:
    I strongly recommend this one to  you.  The price is quite reasonable.
    Also, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a  "refurbished" machine.  That means 
it was defective when originally  purchased and returned by the customer.  
After that, it is gone over  carefully by factory-trained technicians before 
begin again offered for sale, so  it has more attention given to it than 
does a new unit off the production  line.
    In addition to recording CDs from the  line input, you can play a CD on 
the left side and copy it on the right side of  the machine.
    You MUST use Music CDs with this (and  likely all other CD recorders).  
They cost a bit more than normal CD-Rs,  with the extra money going to 
ASCAP or whomever.  There is code written on  the otherwise blank disc to allow 
the recorder to accept it; it will refuse to  write onto normal CD-Rs.
    If, after copying onto the  CD, there are too many clicks and pops on 
the tracks, I put the CD into my  computer and run it through Adobe Audition 
to clean up the noise.  Then I  can burn another cleaned-up CD from the 
    If you have music that, somewhere  along the line, wasn't run at the 
proper speed (so that the musical pitches  aren't right on A = 440), It's easy 
to correct that using Adobe  Audition.
    Good luck with making a decision about  what to buy!
                                                                Al B

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