[Dixielandjazz] purists & coffee and Jazz

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 04:39:00 PDT 2009

Jim Kashishian wrote:
> Although folks are now writing in to djml to defend U.S. coffee drinking
> habits, I hope my use of a metaphor in my original posts on "purists" was
> understood, and that I was talking about jazz, not coffee!!
I'll try and get back to jazz by way of a few cups of coffee and a 
bottle of beer.

The expresso bar just beside the Red Lion (HQ of Kalispell Jazz 
Festival) is very obliging and after a couple of days Tony and I were 
greeted as "Two Shots" (two shots of expresso topped up with water to 
the halfway mark of the small cup.... no milk or sugar) When time 
allowed, we took the coffee  to our room and transferred it to proper 
mugs because IMHO no true coffee lover wants to drink from a paper cup 
:-)   As

We enjoyed the festival very much, it was our first visit to this lovely 
area with lots of good music to listen to and occasionally join in 
with.  Too many high spots to mention them all but  Jeff  Barnhart lost 
his voice and Anne did a wonderful job at running the Ivory and Gold 
sessions. Out of potential disaster a new compere was born. She's got a 
great sense of humour and she put it to good effect.  We look forward to 
seeing them over here again in May.

European Listees might like to know that Montana in October seemed 
pretty inexpensive.  The exchange rate was kind to us and would be even 
kinder to "mainland Europe". Our comfortable room in the Red Lion cost 
the equivalent of £50 a night and there were cheaper options available. 
It took 3 flights from Heathrow to Kalispell so if we go again we might 
consider flying to Chicago and getting the Galcier Express to Whitefish 
(15 miles N of Kalispell)

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