[Dixielandjazz] purists & coffee

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Oct 18 02:42:27 PDT 2009

Although folks are now writing in to djml to defend U.S. coffee drinking
habits, I hope my use of a metaphor in my original posts on "purists" was
understood, and that I was talking about jazz, not coffee!!
But just for general information, our coffee in Spain is nothing whatsoever
like Starbucks, or even the various expressos I have tried in the U.S.  I
much prefer to drink the normal coffee that is served in the diners, etc.
while in the U.S., and accept it for what it is....a different drink!
Our coffee, while expresso, is not bitter.  You get about the equivolent of
3 shots of what Starbucks features in a single .... which we call a "solo".
It is ALWAYS served in a proper cup, although the traditional way is in a
small glass.  It is never (yikes!) served in a paper cup!!
You can have a splash of milk, and it is called a "cortado".  You can have
it in a medium sized cup filled half way with milk (cafe con leche), and the
milk can be requested hot, cold, or lukewarm.  You can even say things like
"short on coffee" (corto de cafe), meaning less coffee, more milk...and,
about a hundred other variants.  
If you have your cafe con leche in the morning, you will get it in a larger
cup, with the same amount of coffee, but more milk.  Your breakfast bun is
used for dunking.  If you go to the same place all the time for your coffee,
you won't have to say anything.  Just belly up to the bar (yes, all of this
is downed while standing!), and your potion will magically arrive, just the
way you like it without having to say more than "Buenos dias".
If you ask for a cup of coffee, you don't even say coffee.  You merely ask
for "un solo", "un cortado", or "uno con leche".  You will always be asked
what temperature you want your milk at.
Sugar?  Most Spaniards use sugar in their coffee.  It is my contention that
those that put sugar in their coffee don't really like coffee.
A cup will cost between $1.75 & $2.00, but that is only due to the bad rate
of exchange of the dollar.  It doesn't seem all that high in our Euro.
There is no such thing as a refill.  If you want another, plunk out the
coins!  However, you shouldn't really need more than one!   :>
Question:  what are those huge paper cups with a clear plastic bubble over
the top & a straw coming out of it, that people always carry out of
Starbucks?  I'm convinced that people who go to Starbucks don't really like

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