[Dixielandjazz] Sing Song Girl

Phil Wilking philwilking at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 18 00:12:19 PDT 2009

Anderson page of "Sing Song Girl" sent off-list.

The ultimate fakebook probably is the Charles Anderson book. Almost 10,000 
tunes, but it is expensive and takes up 6 feet of bookshelf. It is available 
from http://www.andersonfakebook.com/

You should also check this web site: http://www.ultimatebanjo.com/ It offers 
several less extensive fakebooks, including my own, and display alphabetical 
indices of at least some of them.

Phil Wilking

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From: "Allan Brown" <allanbrown at dsl.pipex.com>
> I don't want to be a pain but I've got another request. I'm trying to find
> the song 'Sing Song Girl' which is another R Crumb and the Cheap Suit
> Serenaders cover and I think may originally have been played by LeRoy
> Shield's Orchestra.
> If anyone could recommend the best fake book that covers 1920's / 30's 
> tunes
> it may well save you all a lot of time. I love Dixieland music, although
> I've only just realised that I do, and ashamed to say in amongst this 
> great
> music I seem to be inexplicably drawn to the comedy/ novelty side of 
> things.

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