[Dixielandjazz] Free upgraded "Panama" lead sheet

Scott Anthony santh at comcast.net
Tue Nov 17 13:33:27 PST 2009

Aha! The version that has that strain used for all the solos is "Tommy 
Dorsey and his Original Dorseyland" Band on the "Classic Condom Mob 

As I mentioned, sorry for the brain-fart.


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> Hi Scott. I don't have the Muggsy recording. Can you recall anything
> discographical to help me find it? I have a bunch of Muggsy records, all
> cataloged, so I'll probably have to buy it.
> Thanks.
> --Sheik
>>> My one major discovery is that many records insert a solo strain
>>> with the chord pattern
>>> (In Ab) Db///   ////   Ab///   ////,  Eb7///   ////   Ab///   ////
>>> [repeat the 8 bars]
>>> (sometimes it's in Eb)
>>> I inserted the chords for that strain into the upgraded sheet as an
>>> option.
>> I think it is the Mugsy Spanier recording that uses the above strain for
>> almost all its solos and the normal solo chorus hardly at all if ever. I
>> can't seem to find the recording, so I can't check.
>> Turk used the strain at least once in the tune whenever I heard him play
>> it.
>> We do it too, but just one time through after all the solos and just
>> before
>> the out-choruses (www.santhony.com/ggrm/bigmachine.html - click on the
>> tune
>> in the Flash player to listen).
>> Scott Anthony
>> Golden Gate Rhythm Machine

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