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Pianist/bandleader/famous father Bob Ringwald gives his own experience
performing/recording on a Bosendorfer piano. He also gives enlightening
comments about other artists who have recorded on that instrument.

Thanks, Bob.  ( Victor Horwitz-- see what you started.  I know you said
"enuf-already" but this in interesting stuff to a number of us.  This is not
required reading.  There will be no quiz!  Smile)

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Someone mentioned that they thought they had a recording done on a

I recorded my "Ringwald Rated R" album on a 92 key Bosendorfer in 1983.  It
was at the Old Town Music Hall in El Sugundo CA.  At that time the piano was
fairly new and had a very stiff action.  One of the songs I recorded was a
Boogie Woogie piece.  Because of the stiff action, it was very, very hard,
almost painful, to keep the repetitive Boogie figures going in my left hand.
I have since played on the piano and the action has loosened up a lot.  

You can hear two of the songs recorded on the Bosendorfer by me at

One is the Maple Leaf Rag and the other is Hard Hearted Hanna" on which I
also play banjo and bass.  

BTW- I did not use the extra 4-bass keys located under the hinged cover.  

Incidentally, the great pianist Johnny Guarneri recorded at least 4-albums
on a Bosendorfer that I know of.  One was titled "
Stealin' Apples".  I can't remember the title of the 2nd, but the 3rd was an
Ellington Tribute.  

The first two were issued under the TAZ-JAZ label.  The Ellington album was
recorded by TAZ-JAZ but was sold to someone else who issued it under a
different label.  

Guarneri also recorded another album with a Bosendorfer for yet another
label.  I was present at that recording session.

Jim Turner who now plays piano with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band of San Antonio,
was a sales manager for  Bosendorfer at one time.  During that time, he sold
3-concert grands to Stevie
Wonder, one for his house, one for his studio and one to take on tour.  

--Bob Ringwald K6YBV
rsr at ringwald.com
Fulton Street Jazz Band

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