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Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Tue Nov 10 11:06:54 PST 2009

To Musicians and jazzfans & DJML
Correction!  Error in my previous post!

Dave Hanson is trombonist par excellence in Atlanta.  He corrects me on my
geography--kindly and gently.  And I thank him for his graciousness.
( Dean Hampton is the KC Jazz activist--)  I apologize  to both for the
lapse of memory.

Hanson gives me points for correct name of the piano with extra

Thanks all.  Previous comments appended should you wish to clarify further.
Otherwise stop here!
>Re:  further comments on Dave Brubeck's performance at age 88...

>Victor Horwitz quipped:   I am surprised that no one (in the press or
otherwise) picked up that Brubeck, at 88, played on a piano with 88 keys ! !
>                        Victor H

>Kansas City jazz activist Dave Hanson replied:Brubeck could have been
playing on a Meiserdorf which has an additional octave in the

>Vickers said: "Meiserdorf" is a new name to me( I can find Meisdorf,
Germany but no piano by that name), but Bosendorfer piano has extra keys.
>Vickers also quipped:  There will always be nit-pickers! (smile)

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