[Dixielandjazz] Dave brubeck--Ringwald comments

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Tue Nov 10 11:19:54 PST 2009

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From: Norman

Sacramento pianist/bandleader/famous father/ & godfather of DJML writes re
Dave Brubeck:

From: Robert Ringwald [mailto:rsr at ringwald.com] 
I had the pleasure of hearing the old/original Brubeck quartet in about 1958
or '59.  I sat maybe 10 feet in front of the band.  It was one of the
musical highlights of my life.  There was nothing like it.  
Desmond, Morello, Wright and Brubeck were amazing.  
At the same time, I got to meet all of the musicians.  They were all very
nice and pleasant to talk to.  
Personally I am not fond of the new Brubeck groups with his sons.  I guess I
am an ol' fart, but I much prefer the quartet of the 50s and 60s.  

Norman comments:  Re Brubeck's changing styles.  Stan Kenton, in the late
stages of his musical career, brought his then current group to Pensacola
for a master class at our Junior College followed by a concert.  He
explained that his earlier work was not the same for the new group.  They
had learned to play the older "classic Kenton" pieces but they were
interested in their own, newer works.  I suspect, Bob, there is an analogy
here.  I liked the older Kenton works, too.


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