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Brubeck is still performing at 88.  The Jazz Society of Pensacola benefited
from use of a Brubeck traveling exhibit this summer.  It was sponsored
Brubeck's alma mater, College of  The Pacific.  See their website for
details.  It's economical and easy to set up.


Jazz legend receives 'grand welcome' from sold-out crowd 

By Ryan Free 

Assistant Features Editor 

Publication Date: 11/09/2009 

After touring and sharing his music with the world for the past six decades,
one jazz master stopped to pay a visit to Purdue on Saturday night.

At age 88, Dave Brubeck, best known for his influence in developing jazz
into mainstream music, wowed a sold-out crowd in Stewart Center's Loeb
Playhouse. The audience took in the long-time icon as one of its own, giving
Brubeck a grand welcome that seemed to last forever.

"You don't get a lot of opportunities to see a performer on his level," said
Samantha Mills, a local resident. "Dave's style is something that is a lost
art. He clearly loves what he is doing, and you can hear that in the music."

Mills said people might not be exposed to jazz as much in this day and age,
but obviously Brubeck was an exception to her rule, given the show's large

"Its refreshing to see so many people out here, especially so many young
people," she said. "Jazz is such a peaceful style of music, and that will
always be appreciated."

As Brubeck played, he told a short story about each piece, and slowly seemed
to reveal more about why he is considered a living legend.

"There is such a history behind this man," said Kevin Johns, another local
resident. "I got a lot of insight into where he has been and where his music
comes from."

Johns said he attended the pre-show discussion of Brubeck's impact on the
musical world and was amazed with what he learned.

"It's a fact. He is a musical genius and really puts his soul into bringing
his visions to life," Johns said. "Anybody who is out here, at his age, on a
steady touring circuit is obviously only doing it because it is what they
love - and that's really what has made Dave so successful."





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