[Dixielandjazz] Need name of hand truck...

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There's a hand truck called the "rock and roller" , has handies on both ends that fold down flat when not needed and the tires are solid. check out the larger music stores.

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Hi Steve. "Rock and roll". I wouldn't consider it "light", but manageable
and it folds up nicely. It doesn't quite fit my Yamaha P-80, in foam-lined
canvas case, so the end sticks out a bit. Probably the main question is
whether you can carry the piano stand conveniently. I have an X-shped
stand with a round piece of metal in the middle where the 2 pieces cross,
and that's a pain. Still, I'm happy with mine.

I got mine some years ago, and the one my bass man got has inflatable
tires and is a bit lighter construction than mine. He doesn't like the
inflatable tires--they can go flat...


> Hi gang,
> A month or two back, there was a discussion on the list about a "hand
> truck"
> that list-ers seemed to like...  Can anybody repeat the name, so I can get
> one?  I need to start hauling equipment again, and I need something 1)
> compact 2) light and 3) easy to use...  You can send it off-list, if you
> like...  I THINK it was called something like Rack and Roll, or something
> like that...
> Thanks and ALL the Best
> Steve Heist

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