[Dixielandjazz] Does Keyboard & Amp Sound DissappointAnyoneElse?

Steve Heist steveheist at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 7 11:25:51 PST 2009

Hi all!
I think the "old" keyboards/controllers/sound modules were REALLY lacking - 
but before you make generalizations, check out the latest and greatest and 
I'm SURE you'll find a combination or stand alone keyboard that you'll 
really like...  I use a Yamaha KX-88 controller (just the "keyboard" part of 
it) combined with a Kurzweil MicroPiano (the piano sound part of the rig) 
This way, I've got a fabulous "touch" keyboard with the sound of a 9 foot 
grand!!!  The whole setup only cost me about $900...  The most definite plus 
is that I know exactly what I'm going to sound like EVERY time I set it up! 
No more walking in and finding a short spinet piano that's half beaten to 
death and horribly out of tune (this actually happened to me at the Showboat 
Hotel in Las Vegas!)
ALL the Best

From: "AL LEVY" <jazz_man at ix.netcom.com>
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Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Does Keyboard & Amp Sound 

> Dan Spink wrote:
> Am I the only piano man who hates the sound of keyboard
> and amp?
> ===============
> I agree! Used to be that every bar, club and restaurant
> had acoustic pianos, usually grands. I carried my music and

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