[Dixielandjazz] Good listeners was Hypothetical question

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Thu Nov 5 07:05:35 PST 2009

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>  "James O'Briant" <jobriant at garlic.com>
> Steve Barbone wrote:
>> IMO, two good horn players in the front line can cover for a bad  
>> third
>> one, ....
> I'm not sure I'd agree with that...  Two good front line players
> may distract some of the audience from what the third one is
> doing, but it won't fool any good listener who knows what to
> listen for.

You are right, but then, how many "good listeners" exist in our  
audiences? Maybe 10? <grin>

Couple of points.

IMO, most people don't know what they are listening to. They only know  
what they like. Some of them claim to be knowledgeable, however  
routinely exhibit their ignorance about what they hear. They wrap the  
cloak of elitism about themselves. " I'm special because I appreciate  
jazz and know all about it and therefore what I say about jazz is  
right, etc., etc., etc." Pure nonsense view.

My point being that if Louis or any of the jazz giants is on trumpet,  
and Teagarden or any of the jazz giants is on trombone, then the  
audience won 't worry about a mediocre clarinet player. For example,  
one many of the "good listeners" would describe as mediocre or worse,   
Pee Wee Russell .

Steve Barbone

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