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Wed Nov 4 14:05:47 PST 2009

> "Robert Ringwald" <rsr at ringwald.com> wrote:
>> Steve barbone wrote: Pops? Foster's solid bass fiddle playing  
>> provided the beat for jazz
>> legends from 'King' Oliver to Charlie Parker.
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> Steve, I am curious.  When did Foster play or record with Charlie  
> Parker?  Must have been in Parker's very early years, before he got  
> into Bee-Bop?
> BTW- I had the pleasure of knowing pops and working with him several  
> times.  A nicer guy you would never meet.

Dear Bob:

I was quoting Jim Cullums Riverwalk jazz program which said Pops  
played with Charlie Parker. I think their source was his autobiography  
where Pops says the following: (page 194)  (capitals below are mine to  
highlight the reference)

" I used to play at Mintons in New York before Dizzy Gillespie and  
Charlie Parker worked there. I was fronting a little group when Teddy  
Hill took over the management. Teddy was sore at me, and so he fired  
my band. I PLAYED WITH
  DIZ AND CHARLIE; both of them were great. Diz could do all that  
crazy stuff on his horn, and then stop and play a whole lot of  
trumpet. He'd do more crazy stuff on his horn than anybody. Diz and  
Charlie started all that stuff they're doing today. It was a symphony  
kind of music. Those two guys didn't overdo it, and they were the best  
that played that kind of music. Charlie used to drink a lot but, but I  
never saw him take dope. Diz always loves to get me to sit and talk to  
him about the old times."

Teddy Hill took over Mintons in late 1940 and at that time, Bird (and  
Diz) were playing Bebop. (Kenny Clarke, perhaps the first bebop  
drummer had been in a small group with Diz in 1939 where they first  
formulated the genre)

Even more astonishing perhaps is the below excerpt from Jazz  
Encyclopedia.com. (once again the Caps are mine)

"In addition to his work with Hines, Foster worked consistently with a  
number of small groups and pick up bands, primarily in the traditional  
New Orleans style, though he did at one time perform with tenor  
saxophonist JOHN COLTRANE. . ."

Seems old Pops got around. <grin>

Steve Barbone

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