[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans Function

Dick Sleeman dick at sleeman.nl
Mon Nov 2 12:35:11 PST 2009

Marek's writing:

> Last night, my friends and went to hear the New Orleans Function in
> Tel-Aviv.  Unlike the previous time, I did not feel like a dinosaur,
> although, at 68, I was probably the oldest in the audience - the
> band
> is young, and so is its following.

brought back reminiscenses of my childhood. Like Marek I was born in
1941, during WWII and images of the terror are still vivid in my mind.

At twelve I played the trombone in a youth band of the Salvation Army
and met new friends in the first class of high school (in our country
called H.B.S). One of them introduced me to a record of Louis
Armstrong, entitled "New Orleans Function". It changed my life!

Together with some friends we started a band and called it "The Timber
Town Jazz Band" (because we lived in a town with a timber port and
much timber industries). Jazz became part of my life and it is the
reason I am a member of this list.

Warmest regards from tulip country,

Dick Sleeman

P.S. It might be interesting to hear from other listmates what 
triggered them to become O.K.O.M. lovers :-)

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