[Dixielandjazz] Continuously playing

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Mon Mar 23 07:05:46 PDT 2009

Mike Logsdon wrote:
>I think this was both a loaded, and a very interesting, question from the
get-go.  In truth, there's no way to answer it.  We know by now what the
questioner meant by "continuous", but as long as something doesn't
officially cease to exist, wouldn't "regular" on "periodically" be more apt?

Actually, the word Bud used was "running", as in "longer running band".
Nevertheless, this idea of continuous, etc., has often cropped up in my
mind.  It is a concept which is going to mean something different, I
suppose, to different people.

I've often referred to our band in Madrid as being the longest running band
in Spain, and most likely not only in the jazz field.  In my mind, that
means we never ever stopped getting gigs....there was always one off in the
near future booked.  And, our fans can count on seeing the same band members
at each gig, and hearing what can now be called "our sound".  We are
individually spotted on the street, waved at while sitting in a car at a
street light.  Each of us are recognized as members of THE BAND.  We exist
as a band.

There are gobs of bands that hung up their hats, each member going off doing
other things, then eventually getting back together for the odd gig or a
comeback.  Not continuous!

There are other bands that "reformed" anytime a gig came up, but each doing
his own thing meanwhile.  Not continuous!

There are other bands that keep the name, but the members change whenever a
gig comes up, in many cases this being months between gigs.  Not continuous!

Continuous should mean:  having a name that represents a recognized sound
played by (basically) the same members; appearing in your "normal" spots on
a regular basis (being a club or company gigs, or festivals, or just in a
geographic area); having a fan base that can
count on your appearances and find you regularly at those "normal" spots. 


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