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I don't know about Trad Bands but (I would have to look it up) the longest 
running band with the same gig was (or is) at a place called the Meadow Park 
Lounge in Florissant, Missouri.  It was a C&W band and was listed in the 
Guinness Book of records.  It seems to me that it was over 25 years.  I 
don't know if that record still holds.  I'm not even sure if that Lounge is 
still there.  Their claim to fame was a real good buffet on Saturday nights 
for seated patrons.  They pretty much filled the place on the weekends.

Maybe someone can look it up.
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> Oh, my!  How quickly the original question develops into a heated
> discussion!!  Bud originally (& innocently) asked:
>>My Epsilon Jass Band is 46 years old this spring, Can anyone give me
> details of longer running bands?  Bud
> I put in my two bits just after reading his question, although our band is
> just a little behind his.  I even mentioned the South Frisco Jazz Band 
> which
> has since been named.  However, then the whole thing began to degenerate
> into "what is a continuously working band", etc, and "how many gigs my 
> band
> could play if we wanted to" as someone stated.
> It was a nice question, Bud, but I don't think you meant it to be a 
> contest,
> or a way of going on about how many gigs a certain band might have.
> Jim
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