[Dixielandjazz] Trombonists

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Mar 3 06:52:11 PST 2009

Robert Calder asked:
>Do trombonists, like golfers, shout "'fore" when someone is liable to be
struck in the course of their playing?

In all my years of playing the slide trombone, I have only caused damage
twice with my slide.  Us "slippers & sliders" know the length of our
appendages, and control these matters quite well, thank you very much!   :>

Anyway, the first time was in Seal Beach, California, when a lady walked by
the bandstand (very tight squeeze in that club!), and due to my eyes being
closed, I hit her right in the windpipe.  An ambulance had to be called as
she was having great trouble breathing.  So, beware of us...we CAN cause
damage!  Puts a damper on the musical set, also, with this lady lying on the
floor in front of the band gasping!!!

The other time was damage to myself, when I swung around to acknowledge one
of my sons that had just walked by the bandstand, and I bashed the slide
into a stool.  Blood everyplace from my upper lip, inside & out.  Had to see
a doctor the next morning, but no stitches were needed.  There is a scar
from that one!

No!  We don't yell anything beforehand, although we might just yell after
the fact, if the damage was to ourselves!

Seriously, though, any touching of the slide, particularly when it is
extended, can cause terrible damage to the horn itself, or to the player's
lips.  It hasn't happened for years to me, but the drunk that thinks it's
funny to try to grab the slide is not funny at all.


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