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Did he like the music, though?
I have already mentioned going to a place where a young traditionsl
band played for  YOUNG dancers, who looked at us with wonderment, as
if asking "what those dinosaurs are doing here?"  Even the youngest of
us, at 49, must have been twice the age of the oldest of them.
And they get their public mainly through busking - people pass by,
like the music, and tell others.

On 26/08/2009, pj.ladd <pj.ladd at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> just to illustrate how far below the radarOKOM has slipped below the =
> radar.
> When I switched on my car after valeting, my CD player started playing.  =
> I asked the 20year old if he had enjoyed the music.  He looked =
> completely lost and said `I have never heard music like that in my life`
> To us is  seems incomprehensible that anyone could live for 20  years  =
> and not have come across OKOM somewhere but on thinking about =
> it...Where?
> There is none on the radio, none at any music festival an uninitiate is =
> likely to attend. It is unlikely to be seen in a film or heard on any of =
> his contemporories CD`s .
> Sobering, isnt it?
> Incidentally on the player I had The Melbourne Jazz Band (courtesy of a =
> gift cd from Ross Anderson) . A History of Jazz Basin Street to Bebop. =
> Peggy Lee Greatest Hits, Zenith Live in Sydney (Gift from Bill Haesler). =
> An Opera excerpts Collection and a Tommy Dorsey.
> I said to the guy "The singer was Peggy Lee"
> He answered "Who?"
> Cheers
> Pat
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