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pj.ladd pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 26 09:30:56 PDT 2009

just to illustrate how far below the radarOKOM has slipped below the =
When I switched on my car after valeting, my CD player started playing.  =
I asked the 20year old if he had enjoyed the music.  He looked =
completely lost and said `I have never heard music like that in my life`

To us is  seems incomprehensible that anyone could live for 20  years  =
and not have come across OKOM somewhere but on thinking about =
There is none on the radio, none at any music festival an uninitiate is =
likely to attend. It is unlikely to be seen in a film or heard on any of =
his contemporories CD`s .
Sobering, isnt it?

Incidentally on the player I had The Melbourne Jazz Band (courtesy of a =
gift cd from Ross Anderson) . A History of Jazz Basin Street to Bebop. =
Peggy Lee Greatest Hits, Zenith Live in Sydney (Gift from Bill Haesler). =
An Opera excerpts Collection and a Tommy Dorsey.

I said to the guy "The singer was Peggy Lee"
He answered "Who?"



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