[Dixielandjazz] You are What You Listen To

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I'll second that Judy.

Somebody out there might be interested....I've just finished reading a book 
by (Sir) Kingsley Amis. It's called New Maps of Hell, published in 1960 A 
tome about the
history of  Science Fiction. He postulates the position that people who read 
Sci-Fi are people who like, and listen to, jazz. Interestingly he also 
writes that they
are mostly of a left wing persuasion. He implied that this was a position 
not just prevalent in England. I believe this is true. I find this 

Regards to all,

Ivor in Portugal
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> Gluetje1 at aol.com wrote:
>> The most interesting thing to me about the below is that while fans of 
>> later jazz may be liberals, I find liberals very scarce among OKUM fans.
>> Ginny
> Not so in the Uk Ginny.
> Next week at Bude Jazz festival I know  that the Guardian (leftish) 
> newspaper will sell out while there are still stacks of the other sort
> As for the musicans they love to play Maryland aka the Red Flag at 
> conservative gigs. :-)
> Come and see for yourself and ignore the hype about our NHS if you get ill 
> while you're here it'll look after you.
> Cheers Jude
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