[Dixielandjazz] Miff Mole - A great day in Harlem

Anton Crouch anton.crouch at optusnet.com.au
Fri Aug 21 20:46:33 PDT 2009

Hello all

Steve B's mention of Miff Mole's presence in the 1958 "Great day in
Harlem" photo reminded me of something I wrote some time ago.

In discussing Jean Bach's 1994 film I argued that jazz was "an art that
has no past", based on the absence of any discussion of Mole's
contribution to jazz, both in the film and in subsequent reviews of it.
Those who want to plough-through the article can go to "Crouch, A, 1999"
at the link:


I'm happy to say that the situation has now been rectified. The 2006
"Special edition" DVD issue of "A great day in Harlem" has, as an extra,
an extensive discussion of the people in the photo - including Miff!

All the best,

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