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Steve Barbone

Kermit Ruffins and Bogalusa Strut:  Ruffins tpt; Corey Henry tb, Kevin  
Morris bass; Emilie Vinette pno; Jerry Anderson dms; Roderick Paulin  

CD "Swing This" -Kermit Ruffins - reviewed below by Ted Goia in 1999.

How Dixieland music has changed! When played by Kermit Ruffins it  
comes in a swinging 4/4 time with no more of that two-beat rhythm  
grandpa and grandma liked so well. The back beat can even be as wide  
as Canal Street nowadays, imparting a certain funkiness to the  
proceedings that is appealing but a bit different from what Jelly Roll  
Morton and King Oliver played for those first fans of hot music. Solos  
are now more important than counterpoint. And even if no one ever  
actually said "Modern Dixieland = White Imitators" (okay, maybe  
someone did mutter that from the back row), jazz fans should be happy  
to find a little more diversity in the front line. Ruffins, for his  
part, plays with enthusiasm, and knows how to put on a show. Almost  
anything can happen at a Ruffins' gig—he exchanged vows with his  
beloved during a performance, and will even cook up a killin' barbecue  
to serve up along with the music. "Bogalusa Strut" captures his band  
in fine form, and is worth downloading even if no sauce and ribs come  
with the MP3 file. There is a tendency for jazz insiders to dismiss  
music that is so appealing on the surface level, but Ruffins knows the  
horn and is an engaging, cogent soloist. Dixieland could hardly find a  
better advocate in the new millennium.

To hear a snip of Bogalusa Strut by this group go to: Once There click  
on "preview all" button

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