[Dixielandjazz] Complete Jelly Roll Morton Library of Congress Recordings Now Available

Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Sat Aug 22 16:06:13 PDT 2009

This from Jon-Erik Kellso:

The complete Jelly Roll Morton Library of Congress recordings are
available on Amazon as an mp3 set for only $19.98,
a savings of from $60 to over a hundred bucks compared to
the CD box set or buying the mp3s individually.
That's 8 CDs of music and interviews--great stuff!

I have no financial interest in this, just thought some of you would
want to take advantage of this deal (if you don't mind the mp3 format).

I already have the CD set.
this concludes this public service announcement, hehe,

Jon-Erik Kellso

--Bob Ringwald K6YBV
rsr at ringwald.com
Fulton Street Jazz Band

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