[Dixielandjazz] Mosaic boxes (was Cardboard or Jewell Box CDs?)

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Mon Aug 10 14:57:57 PDT 2009

  dwlit at cpcug.org replied [in part]:
>  I realize that many people treat the Mosaic sets as collectors
> items / investments. I buy 'em mainly as historic reference works,  
> as well
> as for listening, so I want 'em where I can get to 'em easily, ie in
> drawers right behind my desk.

Dear David,
I buy the Mosaic sets for the same reason that you do.
The music, listening pleasure and research. Certainly not as an  
I am a collector and buy wisely, so rarely dispose of any of my  
records, apart from the inevitable overlaps and duplications.
When I take the CDs out of the big Mosaic box (or whatever) they are  
catalogued, then filed into my CD collection to be played.
Alphabetically for artists or under M for Mosaic for composite sets.
I was just kidding about "awaiting the time I fall off my trig (that  
should have read 'twig' - small branch of a tree) and the kids have to  
dispose of
the collection".
In Australia, there are certainly no investment opportunity in  
collecting jazz records.
I usually pay AUD$25-30 per new CD. If I sold it next day I would be  
lucky to get $10.
When I cark it (another Aussie expression) the kids would be lucky to  
get $3-5 each for the CDs and about a 50¢ - $1 each for the LPs.
I save the Mosaic (and other) boxes for the same reason I look after  
book jackets. A compulsive, tidy habit.
I have no idea what will happen to my significant jazz record and book  
collection and files after I've gone.
Hopefully, an archive or library will take it all as a donation. That  
will be for my family to decide.
[I feel a thread coming on. One we had many years ago on the DJML.]
Very kind regards,

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