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David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Fri Sep 19 09:54:08 PDT 2008

This was posted on Redhotjazz this morning:

It is with profound sadness that I must notify all that Richard
Sudhalter died last night. Richard had pneumonia for several weeks.
Last Sunday, he was admitted to the hospital for the second time
during this period.

No funeral arrangements, as per Richard's wishes, have been made.
There will be, in the near future, a celebration of Richard's life.

Earlier this year, I wrote a biographical sketch. You can read it in


I joined Richard's family, friends, and admirers in expressing my  

Albert Haim

On Sep 19, 2008, at 7:29 AM, Stephen G Barbone wrote:

> List mates:
> The sister of cornetist and author Richard Sudhalter sends  this  
> unfortunate
> news about his health. Please feel free to pass this sad news on.
> As most of us know, Richard Sudhalter was a wonderful OKOM cornet  
> player in NYC half a century ago. He then became a fine writer, co- 
> authoring a book about Bix Beiderbecke and then writing the book  
> "Lost Chords" about the contributions of white musicians to the genre.
> Sadly,
> Steve Barbone
> Carol Sudhalter wrote:
> *     *     *     *     *     *
> I'm writing with sad news. My brother Richard is in the hospital   
> and they
> have begun palliative care. He is not expected to live much  
> longer.  The
> disease he has, caused aspiration of food into his lungs, and over   
> time
> this created an inflammatory situation which also put pressure on  his
> heart. He is receiving morphine, oxygen and a couple of medicines  
> for  the
> fluid in his lungs, to make him more comfortable.
> His  daughters Adrian and Kimberley, and my brother Jim, will all  
> be here
> in town  tomorrow. Dorothy and Daryl are by his side most of the time.
> He  was still aware of his surroundings when I left the hospital  
> around
> noon  today. I'll be dropping back in later tonight.
> He can have  visitors at any time, if anyone reading this feels they
> want to go in and say  a farewell. He can't talk or even move but,  
> as I say,
> he is aware of his  surroundings.
> The hospital is New York Presbytarian, and it's  located on York  
> Ave at
> 68th St., Manhattan.
> Sorry if you  already know this, or if you're not someone who  
> wanted to
> know. I just picked  out some names from my hotmail address book.  
> Feel free
> to tell others. My  head is not very straight right now, for obvious
> reasons..in fact I'm pretty  spaced...so I'm just doing the most  
> useful
> things I can think  of.
> Carol Sudhalter
> 718 278 5331
> cell 917 667  5331

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