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Thanks, Bill.  I for one was happy to get that history.  Phil W.  also sent 
me his lead sheets which includes the two verses which I did not  previously 
have, same lyrics you included in your email.  I do like  some chorus lyric 
conversion that happened somewhere along the way.  The  line, "you're cravin' 
Someone's company" I've learned as "you're cravin' wimmin,  wine, and song" or 
variously, "wine, women, and song".
The chorus is familiar to many in U.S. banjo community.  Local  sing a long 
audiences request it fairly often.  Course we're just across  the state from 
Kansas City.  (But I have also never heard it identified  locally as other than, 
"The Torch".
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Dear  Ginny and others (Ladies first - always),
The song is called  variously:
The Torch That Didn't Go Out
The Kansas City Torch
The  Torch of Kansas City
When You Carry The Torch
and was, allegedly, taught  to Turk Murphy by Patsy Patton (cabaret  
singer and wife of banjo  player Pat Patton. We know him from when he  
came to Sydney on the  Matson Line ships).
The first 'jazz' version was recorded by Turk Murphy  for a Columbia LP  
on 19 Jan 1953.
The notes by George Avakian to  that 'Barrelhouse Jazz' LP says that  
Turk came to it from the Castle  Jazz Band (who recorded it later in  
Aug 1957) via Don Kinch and Bob  Short, ex Castle band members.

It was composed (music and lyrics) in  1928 by the great Harry Warren  
(we all know him) using the name  Harry Herschel and originally  
published by Robbins Music  Corp.

(Rest deleted from my replay)

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