[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans vs "other" styles

Don Ingle dingle at nomadinter.net
Fri Jul 25 14:23:40 PDT 2008

Jim Kashishian wrote:
> I wondered if there was going to be more discussion by the pros on
> differences within styles of OKOM.  How about a breakdown of the differences
> by those who play it, please.
> Mart
> Mart, I play it, but don't really like to concern myself too much with what
> "it" is.  So, I'm the last one to get into such a discussion.  Our band,
> which is now in its 41st year of steady playing, plays jazz clubs, formal
> hotel lounges, large format concerts (up to 10,000 on numerous occassions),
> weddings, (& Royal weddings!), company parties, birthdays, garden parties,
> building dedications, etc., etc.  Our style changes with the occasion & even
> with the different nitely crowd.
> Although I was nurtured on Turk, Watters, FH5+2, etc., I took an early
> liking to the Dukes of Dixieland (late 1950's).  Later, after arriving in
> Madrid in 1966, and being exposed to European ideas of jazz, particularly
> our ex-sop sax who was French & very Sydney B. orientated, my ideas opened
> even more.
> We play old tunes (up to the 1960's), heavily based in N.O or Dixieland or
> Trad Jazz (or whatever term is prefered) with a lightly swinging rhythm
> section of piano, bass & drums.  We don't march, but we play marches!  We
> don't dance, but we play dance tunes.  What we do do, to quote Clark Terry,
> is:  after having imitated in our earlier years, assimilated after that, and
> hopefully are now innovative.  And, swinging!
> Not much more to be said.  No pidgeon holes, I'm afraid.
> Jim  
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