[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans vs "other" styles

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Fri Jul 25 10:38:43 PDT 2008

I wondered if there was going to be more discussion by the pros on
differences within styles of OKOM.  How about a breakdown of the differences
by those who play it, please.

Mart, I play it, but don't really like to concern myself too much with what
"it" is.  So, I'm the last one to get into such a discussion.  Our band,
which is now in its 41st year of steady playing, plays jazz clubs, formal
hotel lounges, large format concerts (up to 10,000 on numerous occassions),
weddings, (& Royal weddings!), company parties, birthdays, garden parties,
building dedications, etc., etc.  Our style changes with the occasion & even
with the different nitely crowd.

Although I was nurtured on Turk, Watters, FH5+2, etc., I took an early
liking to the Dukes of Dixieland (late 1950's).  Later, after arriving in
Madrid in 1966, and being exposed to European ideas of jazz, particularly
our ex-sop sax who was French & very Sydney B. orientated, my ideas opened
even more.

We play old tunes (up to the 1960's), heavily based in N.O or Dixieland or
Trad Jazz (or whatever term is prefered) with a lightly swinging rhythm
section of piano, bass & drums.  We don't march, but we play marches!  We
don't dance, but we play dance tunes.  What we do do, to quote Clark Terry,
is:  after having imitated in our earlier years, assimilated after that, and
hopefully are now innovative.  And, swinging!

Not much more to be said.  No pidgeon holes, I'm afraid.


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